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Emily Ratajkowski Sluts It Out During A Photoshoot

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Everybody likes a pretty girl, but this hottie almost got it all with her sexy and slim body, awesome looks and off course, who can’t even notice her round and bouncy boobs that perfectly crowning her top. She’s Emily Ratajkowski, a model and actress best known for playing the role of Tasha (the girlfriend of Gibby) on the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly”. She’s gorgeous and so freaking hot that Disney have nothing formerly or currently in its stable to compete!

Catch her in these burning hot photo updates and check out her massive twin puppies as she displays while having a kinky photoshoot! Like large bubbles of meat ready to explode in any second. See how naughty she gets in front of the cam, proudly shaking her giant knockers!

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Renee Olstead Slips A Pierced Nip At A Party

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Halloween is around the corner but this Texan singer is packing her big jugs in some super sexy and nasty costumes! This 20 year old Texan fox proves that Texan hotties really pack a punch when it comes to sexiness as seen in these sizzling hot pictures of Renee Olstead in different kinky costumes!

Just check out her big busty twin puppies! Like large bubbles of meat ready to explode in any second. See how naughty she gets in front of the cam, proudly shaking her gigauntar hooters!

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Taylor Swift In Sultry See-Through Top While Riding A Bike In Paris

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Taylor Swift in a luscious blue see-through top while riding a bike

Here’s the leggy teen celeb Taylor Swift as she once again graces the pages of Dirty Teen Celebrities for being her usual perfect pretty self. The blonde pop chart topper and award winning singer was caught enjoying a bike ride at some Parisian sidetreet. The young singing super star decided to adapt the European lifestyle, I’m not talking about going green and riding a bike, which is what this sultry blond pop idol is doing. I’m talking about her choice of fashion which is a see through baby blue top and a summer inspired long skirt. Nothing says I’m a shy nympho better than that!

Taylor Swift see-through top while riding a bike in Paris

Come to think of it, these retro photographs of Taylor Swift remind me of something. That a girl can stay classy and still look like a whore wearing 60s inspired clothing. Okay, I know Taylor Swift isn’t as skanky as your average young celebrity out there, but she’s just as worse. Why? She’s teasing us all, giving us a peak at her nice boobies but not actually showing it off.

Seductive Taylor Swift wearing a see-through top in Paris

Well you can’t blame the gal. She is dating a Kennedy after all. These sultry and very sultry Parisian images of Taylor Swift reminds us how sultry Jacki O is. Or how beautiful the young Julie Andrews might have been. But the blond celebrity is way sluttier the those two legends. For more photos and lecherous Hollywood happenings young TV, movie, music and model celebs, check out Dirty Teen Celebrities today!

Taylor Swift Is Retro And Long-legged While In New York City

Monday, September 10th, 2012

young celeb taylor swift shows off her long legs

Dirty Teen Celebs caught international pop singing sensation Taylor Swift in NYC and she’s looking sexy and very retro on these photos! The long legged and angelic voiced celeb looked like she’s going to a period themed party as she sports a 50’s era jacket, grumpled but still stylish hairdo and a mustard-colored super shorts! Only this teen celeb can manage to look hot and classy while wearing that combination of clothes. If you don’t agree, then go and have a good look at Taylor Swift’s leggy photos!

awesome snapshots of the leggy Taylor Swiftclose-up of the delectable legs of Taylor Swift

I don’t know if Taylor Swifts’ hot 50 circa fashion choice on this week has got something to do with her being romantically involved with JFK’s great-nephew Conor Kennedy, but if it does, I surely hope that if a sex video of these two were leaked… it wouldn’t be in black and white. Okay that was super cheezy, but you can’t blame me I mean I’ve been looking at the photos of those sweet and creamy legs of Taylor Swift all morning. It really is affecting my psyche.

hot classic looks and leggy pics of Taylor Swift

I like the retro version of Taylor Swift. This sweet blonde pop music celeb has always been looking to clean and neat. Her messy locks and that I-just-woke-up-and-grabbed-the-nearest-thing-to-wear look is really going great for this hot young celebrity. We just hope that the next sexy photos of Taylor Swift will show a bit of a nipple slip or even a camel toe shot! But in the mean time, just enjoy Taylor Swift’s sweet legs on this week’s updates from Dirty Teen Celebs!

Vanessa Hudgens Sexy Legs In Broad Daylight

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

vanessa hudgens legs flashing out in public

Here’s a teen celeb that doesn’t fail to give us something to gawk at every single week! It’s Vanessa Hudgens wearing tight denim shorts and a tiny string top while headed to her morning work out routine. This teen celeb has been regularly going at some dance class in Studio City for the last couple of weeks, and she’s always wearing those super short shorts that shows off her sexy legs! Looking at Vanessa Hudgen’s sexy leggy photos is a good way to start our day right.

vanessa hudgens short and slutty outfit

I don’t know why this sexy teenage celebrity is always out going in or leaving a gym because she’s just damn fine! This teen celeb doesn’t need to work out anymore, Vanessa Hudgens’ yummy legs and tight nubile body is perfect they way it is. But if her regular gym trip gives us sizzling hot photos of Vanessa Hudgen’s sexy body, then by all means girl sweat your ass way while working out!

vanessa hudgens tiny cleavage photos

This teen celeb’s long legs on that tiny frame is just enough to get our blood flowing down between our legs. She’s just a sexy little slut, showing off her fine ass, creamy legs and that tight teen body, knowing that the paparazzi are just waiting for her to pop out. Good thing she doesn’t mind being called a slut, I mean if she did we will not be seeing plenty of racy photos of Vanessa Hudgens like these. If you want to see more of her and other teen celebrities going wild in their latest teen sex scandal tapes, head on over at Dirty Teen Celebs!

Vanessa Hudgens Is Getting Dirtier Every Day

Monday, August 27th, 2012

vanessa hudgens wearing no panties

Dirty Teen Celebs is loving celeb hottie Vanessa Hudgens for her scandalous public upskirt photographs! It seems that Vanessa Hudgens is getting sluttier each single day! The teener actress was caught panty-less the other day while out and about in Studio City! Check out these revealing photos of this teen celebrity to see her yummy butt area.

vanessa hudgens scandalous upskirt pictures

Yes, you are seeing right, she is wearing no knickers! Either that or this teener star is wearing super thin thongs. You be the judge, check out this close-up upskirt still shot of Vanessa Hudgens sweet butt to know for sure if she has no panties on. Her bronze booty crack and buns looks very plump and inviting. I don’t blame the teener celebrity for not wearing panties while out on errands, the 23 year old model, singer and actress is really feeling the summer heat and having her crotch area moist with sweat is a big no-no.

vanessa hudgens pussy pictures

The camera was in the right place and at the right time, with the wind raising Vanessa Hudgens’ short multi-colored dress giving us a peak at her sweet buns. Either she had no idea that the paparazzi was feasting on her upskirt hotness or this teen celeb doesn’t care if the whole world knows she’s does her errand without wearing any underwear on. Whatever, as long as we get to enjoy Vanessa Hudgen’s plump and panty-less ass, it’s all good. If you like these celebrity upskirt photos, drop by Dirty Teen Celebrities today to see more filthy teen celebrity moments!

Tatyana Ali’s ass in sexy boyshorts

Monday, June 21st, 2010


If you watch the famous tv series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air closely back in the late 90’s,  then you may recognize the sweet face of this sexy ebony chick named Tatyana Ali as a teen named Ashley Banks before her career as an R&B singer was established. It was hard to imagine that Tatyana started acting on Sesame Street when she was still 6 and now, look at her all grown up! Hot dayum! Who would’ve known the kiddo who played with Ernie and Bert would give you a boner!


Check out Tatyana Ali’s ass looking so phat as she bends over infront of the mirror. Is it just me or is she implying here that she loves taking a hard cock deep in her ass? Ohh…the things I would do to her naked body. See her silky brown skin? If I had my way, it will be smothered with my hot cum after an afternoon session of hardcore fucking even if it means  watching reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel-Airfor a whole day. I’d do it just as I’d do her.


Shenae Grimes sexy glamour pics

Monday, May 31st, 2010


This young woman you see in these photos is one of the new faces you’ll see on tv, specifically the new series of 90210, if you follow the show.  Born to a Canadian mother and an Irish father, Shenae Grimes oozes with a unique kind of sex appeal. Can you name a lot of celebrities who looks hot in eyeglasses? I’m  not sure which side she got her sexy looks from but it must be the Irish luck.


If there’s one word that I can use to describe this brunette hottie, it would be ‘alluring’. Just check out Shenae Grimes sexy body in these pics and tell me they aren’t alluring enough for you. Who would deny those eyes are not seducing her way into your pants? She could a be a nude model with the kind of physique she has and who knows, maybe we can see more of Shenae Grime’s naked body in the future.


Evan Rachel Wood’s sexy lingerie photoshoot

Friday, May 28th, 2010


It’s hard to look at Evan Rachel Wood’s smoking hot naked body without hating the big blob of gothic fuck known as Marilyn Manson. Seriously, how does he get to fuck Evan Rachel Wood’s pussy every damn night and we can’t? I’m sure we’re all more decent looking and probably more well-hung than him so I don’t really know what the deal is.


I guess I just feel jealous of the motherfucker. When I look at Evan Rachel Wood, I see a younger modern version of Marilyn Monroe. She may not have bigger jugs and ass but she has the same sex appeal. I wonder if she ever made a sex tape with Marilyn Manson. I’d probably throw up but I’d watch it anyway. Are you kidding me? Why wouldn’t I pass the chance in seeing Evan Rachel Wood sucking a cock and getting fucked on all fours? We all wouldn’t.


Taylor Momsen’s sexy paparazzi candids

Friday, May 21st, 2010


At the fresh age of eight, Taylor Momsen has already been doing singing roles in movies like The Gringe. If you’ve watched the Christmas-themed children’s movie, you will see her looking like an innocent little angel with a voice of a hundred cherubins in heaven. Fast forward to 8 years later and take a glance at Taylor Momsen, only one name comes to mind: Courtney Love.


Taylor Momsen now has a persona that reflects a modern-day rebellious teen who wears very revealing slutty clothes, heavy makeup, unkept hair and smoke cigarettes. Give it a couple more years and it won’t be long before we see Taylor Momsen’s sex scandal. But for now, all we can jack off to are these hot revealing pics of this wild little slut.