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Young Celeb Emma Watson And Her Pinkish Nipple Slip

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Emma Watson showing off her young pink nipples

Yes, you are not mistaken. That’s young Brit celeb’s Emma Watson’s pinkish nipples slipping out of her flimsy gown on this week’s edition of Dirty Teen Celebrities. The Hogwarts star was caught having a wardrobe malfunction while attending an red carpet premiere of The Perks of Being A Wallflower the other night and her tucked nipples which was sporting a see through nipple tape just can’t resist not to pop out. Either that or the breeze made this bra-less sporting movie actress’ nips get that stiff that it couldn’t stay unseen. Whatever the reason is, it gave us perfect views of those pinkish nipples on these sexy photos of Emma Watson! Enjoy!

Emma Watson nipple slip caught by the cams

For someone so sweet and charming as this Harry Potter star, Emma Watson’s accidental nipple slip would be more than just a mild wardrobe malfunction. To this young celebrity, it’s would make her feel queasy. That’s probably the reason why this young Brit star is looking paler than usual. But hey, if you have it then flaunt it. Emma Watson’s nipple slip is plain proof that however prepared a celebrity is, something racy like this will eventually happen. Actually, it’s more than racy, her nip slip is just damn sensuous! Sexy than most Kardashian scandal.

Emma Watson and her nipple says hi

Good thing the Potter movies are over, we wouldn’t be seeing Emma Watson’s exposed nipples if it weren’t. I mean imagine her with thick and messy hair and wearing those Hogwarts cape. Total turn off.

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Kat Graham Has Her Nips Poking While Frolicking At The Beach

Monday, August 13th, 2012

beach babe kat graham in a retro bikini

Dirty Teen Celebrities gives you some tantalizing candid pics of young celebrity Kat Graham as she sluts it out on the sun drenched Los Angeles beach. This Vampire Dairies actress must have ditch the set of their show because as far as everyone knows the whole cast have already began production in Atlanta. Either that of she got fired. But hey, this 22 year old celebrity is just too sizzling hot to be cut from the show. Check her out this young celeb looking as fine as ever in a retro two piece bikini!

Kat Grahams celebrity cameltoe says hi

This celeb wasn’t alone as she frolicked all over the beach, playing beach ball, tossing frisbees as well as trying to walk on water, as seen on Kat Graham’s sexy bikini photos below. She was with her beau, but that didn’t stop us from checking out this young and beautiful celebrity vixen! This gal does look like a goddess, but please leave the walking on water shit to the vets. Just stay gorgeous and always have your hard nipples poking underneath your two-piece.

Kat Graham stiff nipples and cameltoe makes an appearance

This brunette and tan starlet looks absolutely tasty even if she’s wearing those granny knickers. There’s a hot view of Kat Graham’s camel toe on the photo above. If you look more closely, it appears Kat is bit soaked down there. How raunchy! Kat Graham’s poking teats and moist cameltoe are tame compared to the teen celeb dirt you’ll see inside Dirty Teen Celebrities, drop by today and see innocent young Hollywood starlets turn to wild and sleazy sluts leaked sex pictures and movies!

Lucy Clarkson topless and dirty at the beach

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Anyone who’s familiar with Lucy Clarkson knows that she was the year 2000’s sexiest woman in Britain which led her to pose her amazing body on the cover of the millennium issue of Loaded Magazine where you can basically see Lucy Clarkson’s tits and the rest of her smoking hot goodies.

At the age of sixteen, Lucy Clarkson was already the face of More magazine among the numerous other lad mags. It’s not even a surprise that everybody wants to take a peek at Lucy Clarkson naked because it’s hard to resist this brunette goddess’ sex appeal. Take a look at Lucy Clarkson topless and dirty at the beach and tell me if you disagree.


Edita Vilkeviciute nude glamour pics

Friday, June 25th, 2010


Such a complex name for a simply stunning form of beauty. However , there is nothing complex about the fact that Edita Vilkeviciute’s naked body is one of the finest body I’ve seen on a model. The way she looks at the camera is so damn sexy that it feels like she’s undressing you with them to the point where you’d feel that your pants are down and your cock is exposed conveniently infront of her.


You know for sure she would suck on them like a horny kitten sex-deprived for months. A sultry chick like Edita who so freely shows off her naked body in public has no problems in showing you what she really wants in bed. And the way I see it, she’s the type of girl who would tell you exactly what feels good and will lead your cock to exactly the spot in Edita Vilkeviciute’s pussy that will make her squeal like a little cock-loving bitch.


Hayley Williams topless Twitter slut

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


You may have heard the latest shit that this punk goddess has pulled lately. Like any other celebwhore who dreams of making history not only because of her lame-ass music, but by showing her slutty side to the world, she decided to do something erratic like say,  a leaked topless pic. Haley Williams knows how to market her shit. I’m gonna give it to this emo whore for doing whatever it takes to get publicity just to sell her album.


On the other hand, I must say the Hayley Williams topless Twitter pic is the crappiest topless pic I’ve seen in the history of celebrity scandals. So, while I appreciate the efforts in trying to make history,  I have a feeling she won’t be seeing her tits in the hall of celebrity scandal fame pretty soon.


Amy Lee’s pussy exposed

Friday, June 4th, 2010


Gothic chicks scare the shit outta me. They look like really sad angry people and when they look at you they seem to want to rip your hearts out. So I stay away from anything gothic. But tell me, how can I close my eyes to this smoking hot gothic nymph when she’s oozing with dirty unadulterated sex?


Seen here is Amy Lee’s naked pussy while she wears kinky black leather suit and knee-high boots? There is nothing scary about an alluring meaty chick spreading her legs to expose her pussy while she sticks a finger in it. The next time I see a gothic chick, I’m going to imagine it’s Amy Lee naked wanting some hardcore fucking. Seriously, I’m going to pound the living shit out of that goth she will fear my dick.


Kristen Stewart naked pics

Friday, May 14th, 2010


Just because you’re not a bubbly loud-mouthed celebrity who always seeks the spotlight doesn’t mean that you don’t want the attention. Beneath that cold exterior and unwelcoming face, Kristen Stewart is a true devilish skank who have a thing for getting naked for paparazzis after inviting them over to her hotel.


Surprising isn’t it? I never would’ve though Kristen as the type of chick but in these very revealing pics it clearly shows how wild of a sex kitten she truly is. Look at Kristen Bell naked while posing on the floor. Damn! What a sexy tight body. No doubt Kristen Bell’s pussy sparkles with her juice in the sunlight.


Frankie Sandford: nipple-flashing English babe

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


Have you heard about the English girl group, The Saturdays? Good for you if you did, because I haven’t. Well, until these nip slip pics of one of its members came out. Meet Frankie Sandford, and her nipples. I’ve researched a bit about this English babe, at the same time I have looked for more of her nip slip and upskirt pics. Well, I found out that she used to be a teen celebrity in the UK, as she was on the teen English band, S Club Juniors. After the band’s disbandment, she landed as member of the girl group The Saturdays. Yeah, that, and she has a lot of upskirt and nip slip pics too.


And she isn’t the only one among her girl band who loves to expose her tits or her pussy. The other girls are at it too. These English babes are probably desperate enough for media attention that they’re willing to flash what they have for fame. Good for us!


Anyway, wanna see more of this former teen celebrity’s tit/pussy-flashing candids? Well, go ahead and drop by here now. Enjoy!