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Emily Ratajkowski Sluts It Out During A Photoshoot

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Everybody likes a pretty girl, but this hottie almost got it all with her sexy and slim body, awesome looks and off course, who can’t even notice her round and bouncy boobs that perfectly crowning her top. She’s Emily Ratajkowski, a model and actress best known for playing the role of Tasha (the girlfriend of Gibby) on the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly”. She’s gorgeous and so freaking hot that Disney have nothing formerly or currently in its stable to compete!

Catch her in these burning hot photo updates and check out her massive twin puppies as she displays while having a kinky photoshoot! Like large bubbles of meat ready to explode in any second. See how naughty she gets in front of the cam, proudly shaking her giant knockers!

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Adrienne Bailon upskirt during a photoshoot in New York

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Dirty Teen Celebrities caught celeb Adrienne Bailon doing what she does best. Flashing her panties for everyone to see! Check out these hot upskirt photos of Adrienne Bailon which were taken during a photoshoot in NYC. The sultry young celebrity was caught flashing her panties while in a short skirt. If this wasn’t intentional, this celeb should really learn how to keep her legs together.

We’ve been asking for some upskirt and panty flash action and these hot photos of Adrienne Bailon just saved us from another Kim Kardashian bikini tweet pics. The young celeb’s black knickers were in full view as she shows off her legs while the faggy photographer took glamorous snaps at this sultry star. Personally, I prefer celebs who wears white panties. Black knickers are so hyped. You can’t even see her bush in it. But if Adrienne Bailon was wearing white panties, with NYC’s autmen weather, damn dude! Imagine how moist that celebrity poon would be!

But before you wank off to these panty flashing photos of Adrienne Bailon, let’s all contemplate on why the young celeb looks older than she is. Did she just matured over the summer? Hmmm. Who care, as long as this celeb keeps on flashing those panties, we will still take notice of her even if she reaches the ripe old age of 30. That’s hold in Hollywood. If you want to see more scandalous celebrity pics and videos featuring Hollywood’s young generation of stars, head on over at Dirty Teen Celebrities today!

Erin Hearthterton Is Promoting The Blond Bombshell Lifestyle

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Erin Heatherton in Victoria's Secret lingerie

Dirty Teen Celebrities gives us a sassy and just lusty young Victoria Secret’s angel for this week’s episode! It’s scorching hot pics of young super model Erin Hearthterton while looking like a A-class blond bombshell for this summer’s ad campaign of the famous lingerie brand. Apparently Victoria Secret is trying to seel the idea that being a swimsuit bombshell isn’t a negative thing. It is a lifestyle and what a way to justify just that by having the burning hot young fashion model Erin Hearthterton pose in a variety lingerie and bikinis as well as promote some cosmetic products. Bombshell as a lifestyle eh? I can dig that, as long as they keep publishing sultry images of young skinny models like Erin Hearthterton!

Erin Heatherton booby in Victoria's Secret lingerie

I just hope I meet the stud who thought of this summer campaign ad for Victoria Secret. I mean the sheer talent of that person to sell the idea that a super model bimbo is a great thing to be and even have a young celeb tart like Erin Hearthterton act like one is just recomendable. Not! That was me being sarcastic. How hard is it to tell a burning hot young model to act like a nimbi in lingerie and bikinis? But hey at least we get to see this leggy young fashion model’s burning hot two-piece and lingerie snaps right?

Erin Heatherton sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie

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India Reynolds’ wonderful winter tits

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

India Reynolds

Winter looks to be finally giving over, but somebody’s nipples are perky enough for us to think we’re still in the middle of a blizzard! Meet India Reynolds, a British babe who’ll brave the tundra in her tits and stockings to give us all a good stiff cock to stroke when we’re all shut up in our cabins to pass the storms. The best thing you could do is invite her in for a hot mug of cocoa and a little hard breathing down this babe’s tits to loosen up her pokies and her wanting pussy. But to do that, you’ll need something to lube up your imaginations, and that’s what India Reynolds’ winter tit pics are all about!

India Reynolds

If you haven’t already spilled your load yet, let me guide you in this journey across an imagery of boobies and skin that is India Reynolds naked. This raven-haired slut from the British isles certainly has it going good in the breast department. Check out India’s full pair of mammaries and tell me that won’t keep your peen warm and dry while you motorboat this lovely chick’s chests. This festive photoshoot from India Reynolds gives us a nice sampling of her pussy lips, outlined in those red, naughty panties she wears tightly enough for to give anyone who’s a little lacking in imagination enough reason to know she’s a full on slut.

India Reynolds

Of course, I’ve blabbed too much already. I’ll shut up and lead you to the rest of India Reynolds’ tit and pussy pictures and leave you in peace. Now bundle up.

Spencer Scott is a naughty schoolgirl

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Spencer Scott

Somebody finally found the common sense to give these naughty sluts a lesson by making them do good ol’ lines after class. Apparently, though, Spencer Scott is too much of a bad girl to learn her lesson; she’s got photos of her stripping off her schoolgirl clothes during detention! Tsk tsk, naughty girl indeed.

Spencer Scott

Maybe somebody should come over and teach this slut a real lesson and spank that ass of hers until she cries uncle. Mind, she’ll probably like being slapped in the ass though, so it’ll be like rewarding her instead. Or maybe, somebody should take off all her clothes, hide them in the trash and take pictures of her teen boobs for blackmail. Hmm, no, she’s already doing that, so it still won’t do it.

Spencer Scott

Oh hell. Nobody can obviously beat a slut in her game, so we might as well just humor Spencer Scott as she takes off her clothes and hope for the best. We might even get a glimpse of her naughty pussy while we’re at it, and if things get too hot, Spencer Scott won’t say no to locking the classroom door and fucking on the teacher’s desk!

Hannah Martin teases her English tits

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Hannah Martin

Teen sluts can be such a tease. They dress up in cute lingerie, appear coy, then give an unexpected titty flash that leaves your mouth gaping and your pants a little wetter than usual. Hannah Martin is one such tit.

Hannah Martin

Bred and raised alongside a whole calling of English titty models, Hannah Martin is an adorable little hottie who loves exposing her plump boobies. You know this chick’s real kinky inside from the thong-shaped tan line she’s got on her ass that tells us she’s into sexy roleplaying shit to get herself all horny.

And I’m sure she’s not flipping anyone off as much as she wants that finger through her panties and inside the fresh teen pussy she’s propping so conveniently in the air. Way to disarm yourself for a hard doggy style fuck, Hannah. Although that’s what you might have wanted in the first place, the whore that you are.

Hannah Martin

By now you’d have realized Hannah Martin wants nothing better than a hard fuck in the pussy, so you should just check her sexy naked pictures out and start playing with her teen cunt.

Jimena Navarrete is one hot Miss Universe

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Jimena Navarrete

I didn’t see the Miss Universe pageant that was on TV this week, mainly because the chicks in that show don’t normally do it for me, but when I found out that this year’s crowning slut was Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete, I knew I had to see that cunt of hers in action. This hottie deserves to win, with all the right curves in her body, the sexy, slender legs, and killer hot looks. Here’s hoping snoops uncover some racy naked photos of Jimena Navarrete so we can complete the image of her naked in our minds.

Jimena Navarrete

Anyway, even if she’s kept her pussy to herself prior to the pageant, media pressure and her following plummet to obscurity in the coming months will most likely push her to doing something drastic like a sex tape or a topless photoshoot for some lad mag. Everyone knows a reigning beauty queen has a shelf life of just about two weeks, so expect Ms. Jimena Navarrete here to start showing her tits quite soon.

Jimena Navarrete

Until the next sexy Miss Universe is carted in via Donald Trump’s babe-churning slut machine, let’s enjoy wanking off to these hot and sexy pictures of Jimena Navarrete.

Larissa Riquelme is a topless FIFA fan

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Larissa Riquelme

Remember watching the FIFA world cup and the finer details of the much talked about Italy-Paraguay match? Or is the memory intercepted by a huge pair of boobs cradling a phone in between them, jiggling and threatening full exposure as its owner, Larissa Riquelme, jumped maddeningly to cheer for her home team? Yeah, of course that’s what you remember.

Larissa Riquelme

What you might also remember is her promise to hurtle naked through the streets of Paraguay’s capital, which we obviously are still yet to witness. But one good thing about a slut like Larissa Riquelme is she’s bound to fulfill her promise, with these previously shot naked pictures of her already in tow even before she rocketed to titty-bouncing international fame. Consider these pictures of Larissa Riquelme modeling her tits a very nice teaser for what’s to come eventually. And judging from what I’m seeing here, somebody should make the day we see Larissa Riquelme’s tits and pussy in the streets an international holiday, requiring all women to simultaneously strip off and fill the world with boobs that are sure to make world peace a reality.

Larissa Riquelme

I’m rambling, so anyway, here’s Larissa Riquelme’s Paraguayan puppies, and start tooting your vuvuzuelas in victory.

Emanuela de Paula’s bronze Brazilian boobies

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Emanuela de Paula

Who wouldn’t want to date a supermodel? Heck, who wouldn’t want to fuck those long-legged, slender goddesses of the runway? They’re the ultimate in sex appeal, glamour, and not to mention in every guy’s wild sexual fantasies. But most of the time we get these cookie-cutter blondes who fall a little flat on spicing things up and giving our hard-to-please poles something new to sway in attention to. Enter Emanuela de Paula.

Emanuela de Paula

Being a mulatta, Emanuela de Paula’s bronze-colored titties are one of the few funbags to really represent in the runway. It’s possibly in the bone structure, the way her sharp jaw protrudes, or her caramel-colored skin that draws a tent in our pants whenever guys see Emanuela de Paula nude. Or, put simply, it’s possibly those petite breasts she unfortunately keeps stowed away in her fancy bras that makes anybody want to dive on the catwalk and do her doggy style right there and then. Add that fantasy to the fact that she ranks among those ethereally sexy Victoria’s Secret Angels and is one of the most wanted supermodels by many clothing lines, and you might possibly cum early just trying to contain the pressure of pleasing a supermodel’s million-dollar pussy. Maybe before anybody steps up to the pleasure of seeing this bronze tigress moan, he should check Emanuela de Paula naked first and prep himself up.

Emanuela de Paula