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Daveigh Chase is a naughty wet slut

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Daveigh Chase

Who would’ve known that the actress who played the killer cursing girl Samara on The Ring series would turn out to be an all-out hot American babe? Daveigh Chase, whose character on the American remake of the Japanese horror film had scared the wits out of everybody, man and woman alike, is now a full-pledged smoking hot flasher slut?

Daveigh Chase

Just look at that wet bikini-clad body. Those cute perky teen tits just made me feel a certain dampness in the crotch area. Apparently my dick is dying to pop out and give that gorgeous face a splashing facial. You’ll definitely be needing to keep those sunnies on, Daveigh, cause I feel a huge wad will cum through. But you don’t have to start on undressing yourself, let me do the honors of taking that bikini off of you, and feel up that tight wet pussy in the process.

Daveigh Chase

And if you don’t believe that her cunt is still as tight as Lady Gaga’s crazy leather costumes, you can go ahead and see for yourself with these nude photos of Daveigh Chase spreading her pussy as wide as she possibly can.

Selena Gomez naked and in fishnets

Friday, July 30th, 2010


In the mood for some steamy titillating shots that will make your cock rock hard? Selena Gomez will do the honor for you. It’s been only less than a month this Disney chick celebrated her 18th birthday and the treat is on us! She loves her fans so much that she decided that it was time to show the world her alter ego, but we didn’t really expect it to be this hardcore.


Seen here is Selena Gomez naked on the floor while wearing fishnet body suit and rubbing her sweet tight pussy infront of the camera. Remember when she was still jailbait and you couldn’t jack off over her pics without thinking the popos might bust in your house and taser your pedo ass? Well those days are history because we can now jack off to Selena Gomez masturbating over us fantasizing about pounding her young juicy cunt to the extreme!


Lacey Chabert masturbating in the chair

Friday, July 2nd, 2010


Take it from Lacey Chabert to know a great deal about pussy peddling. From Mean girl, she suddenly turned into a Dirty Girl with these shots that shows Lacey Chabert naked and bent over with a fat dildo in her pink pussy. You got to love how most Hollywood chicks roll once their careers are becoming stale. They will do anything to get back to the limelight.


In Lacey Chabert’s case, she decided it was time to take things to a new level, in a language that all straight men understands. True enough, these pictures of Lacey Chabert masturbating got her back to the limelight. And because sex is the only thing that really sells like hotcakes, it’s safe to say that, considering this brunette bombshell’s plot to popularity, we might see even more extreme pictures of her pretty soon.