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Young Celeb Emma Watson And Her Pinkish Nipple Slip

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Emma Watson showing off her young pink nipples

Yes, you are not mistaken. That’s young Brit celeb’s Emma Watson’s pinkish nipples slipping out of her flimsy gown on this week’s edition of Dirty Teen Celebrities. The Hogwarts star was caught having a wardrobe malfunction while attending an red carpet premiere of The Perks of Being A Wallflower the other night and her tucked nipples which was sporting a see through nipple tape just can’t resist not to pop out. Either that or the breeze made this bra-less sporting movie actress’ nips get that stiff that it couldn’t stay unseen. Whatever the reason is, it gave us perfect views of those pinkish nipples on these sexy photos of Emma Watson! Enjoy!

Emma Watson nipple slip caught by the cams

For someone so sweet and charming as this Harry Potter star, Emma Watson’s accidental nipple slip would be more than just a mild wardrobe malfunction. To this young celebrity, it’s would make her feel queasy. That’s probably the reason why this young Brit star is looking paler than usual. But hey, if you have it then flaunt it. Emma Watson’s nipple slip is plain proof that however prepared a celebrity is, something racy like this will eventually happen. Actually, it’s more than racy, her nip slip is just damn sensuous! Sexy than most Kardashian scandal.

Emma Watson and her nipple says hi

Good thing the Potter movies are over, we wouldn’t be seeing Emma Watson’s exposed nipples if it weren’t. I mean imagine her with thick and messy hair and wearing those Hogwarts cape. Total turn off.

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Emma Watson leaving Hollywood for good?

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Emma Watson pics

Emma Watson was best known for her role in Harry Potter as the smart-ass sweet little girl with a wand. But she grew up fast inf ront of our eyes and now she’s 18 and looking hot. Emma had been the subject of the paparazzi’s attention lately because of her numerous nip slips and upskirt moments, always leaving her male fans wanting for more of the teen actress. But it looks like Emma’s leaving tinseltown for good as she is now focusing on her Ivy League path.

Emma Watson pics

Emma is currently a freshman at Brown University, and though she wanted to shed away from all the limelight while she is studying for college, she still makes headlines because of her hotness. There are paparazzi everywhere she goes, that’s why she continues to become visible in Hollywood news and gossips stands. She also is the face for Burberry, so it’s hard not to ignore her resounding presence especially she is that hot. Oh, have I mentioned she’s hot? hah. Thankfully all our wordly feelings towards this babe is legal now, now that she’s no longer a jailbait. Anyway, for more of this hot teen, visit this place here and see more of Emma Watson sexy pics.

Emma Watson pics