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Hayley Williams topless Twitter slut

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


You may have heard the latest shit that this punk goddess has pulled lately. Like any other celebwhore who dreams of making history not only because of her lame-ass music, but by showing her slutty side to the world, she decided to do something erratic like say,  a leaked topless pic. Haley Williams knows how to market her shit. I’m gonna give it to this emo whore for doing whatever it takes to get publicity just to sell her album.


On the other hand, I must say the Hayley Williams topless Twitter pic is the crappiest topless pic I’ve seen in the history of celebrity scandals. So, while I appreciate the efforts in trying to make history,  I have a feeling she won’t be seeing her tits in the hall of celebrity scandal fame pretty soon.


Ashley Greene’s leaked naked pics

Monday, May 17th, 2010


It’s true that Ashley Greene became pretty popular because of the teen-fantasy movie, Twilight. But if you ask me, this sweet-looking brunette charmer has that x-factor in her that will earn her a spot in the list of Hollywood’s hotties.


Since her appearance in Twilight, she has graced a few famous fashion mags and boy…does she look hot as hell. And now, thins just got better because not long after that, the world has seen Ashley Green leaked naked pics. The leaked naked pics shows the young starlet’s naked pussy and tits while posing for the camera. Hopefully it’s not the last set of leaked naked pics we’ll see of this dirty little nymph.