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Emily Ratajkowski Sluts It Out During A Photoshoot

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Everybody likes a pretty girl, but this hottie almost got it all with her sexy and slim body, awesome looks and off course, who can’t even notice her round and bouncy boobs that perfectly crowning her top. She’s Emily Ratajkowski, a model and actress best known for playing the role of Tasha (the girlfriend of Gibby) on the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly”. She’s gorgeous and so freaking hot that Disney have nothing formerly or currently in its stable to compete!

Catch her in these burning hot photo updates and check out her massive twin puppies as she displays while having a kinky photoshoot! Like large bubbles of meat ready to explode in any second. See how naughty she gets in front of the cam, proudly shaking her giant knockers!

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Erin Hearthterton Is Promoting The Blond Bombshell Lifestyle

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Erin Heatherton in Victoria's Secret lingerie

Dirty Teen Celebrities gives us a sassy and just lusty young Victoria Secret’s angel for this week’s episode! It’s scorching hot pics of young super model Erin Hearthterton while looking like a A-class blond bombshell for this summer’s ad campaign of the famous lingerie brand. Apparently Victoria Secret is trying to seel the idea that being a swimsuit bombshell isn’t a negative thing. It is a lifestyle and what a way to justify just that by having the burning hot young fashion model Erin Hearthterton pose in a variety lingerie and bikinis as well as promote some cosmetic products. Bombshell as a lifestyle eh? I can dig that, as long as they keep publishing sultry images of young skinny models like Erin Hearthterton!

Erin Heatherton booby in Victoria's Secret lingerie

I just hope I meet the stud who thought of this summer campaign ad for Victoria Secret. I mean the sheer talent of that person to sell the idea that a super model bimbo is a great thing to be and even have a young celeb tart like Erin Hearthterton act like one is just recomendable. Not! That was me being sarcastic. How hard is it to tell a burning hot young model to act like a nimbi in lingerie and bikinis? But hey at least we get to see this leggy young fashion model’s burning hot two-piece and lingerie snaps right?

Erin Heatherton sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie

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Candice Swanepoel Flashing Her Fantastic Butt Cheeks In Miami

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Candice Swanepoel making sure her plump butt is seen

The delicious young celeb Candice Swanepoel graces the pages of Dirty Teen Celebrities for this week and you’ll be in awe with the sheer sexiness of this leggy celebrity tart! I mean just look at that plump ass, those young nubile tits and those sexy long legs! This is what we live for, gorgeous celebrities out in public while looking like private escort girls. These bikini candids of Candice Swanepoel just proves that whatever they say, tiny titted super models no matter what eating disorder they have are and will remain object of men’s lust fueled fantasies. Yes, it’s a nice way of saying that photos of Candice Swaneoel in a bikini is prime jerk off material.

Candice Swanepoel fantastic butt cheeks in a tiny thong bikini

But jerking off aside, this blonde runway star manages to maintain her classy vides while most of her plump butt is exposed at this Miami beach. I mean I’d imagine it is damn too uncomfortable to have most of your ass hanging out while tons of pervs gawk at them. But the thong bikini pics of Candice Swanepoel clearly shows that the fashion celebrity hottie is at ease showing off her ass in public places. The young and leggy celeb was too at ease that she didn’t mind the Asian guy going near her to have a closer look of that ass!

Candice Swanepoel butt flashing photos at the beach

Hey, could you blame the guy? I bet you’ll be as happy as the Asian dude and even go closer to that ass if you saw Candice Swanepoel’s barely covered butt cheeks. Heck you might even grope them! I would! There are more photos of this leggy model and and other young Hollywood starlets as they find themselves exposed and in the kinkiest scenarios while out in public inside Dirty Teen Celebrities, visit them today to get the latest teen celeb scandals!

Kate Upton wet photoshoot

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

kate upton wet boobs

Hot and busty model Kate Upton is in the latest issue of GQ magazine and she is wearing a totally wet t-shirt! Unless you’ve lived in constant winter throughout your life you know what happens when the ladies wear wet t-shirts right? They magically transform into see through and you can see their titties! And, when the juggs belong to a hot babe like Kate Upton,magical is definitely the right word.

kate upton big boobs

Kate Upton has become one of the most desired women on earth… all at the tender age of 20. Yes she’s only 20. And things don’t seem to appear to be slowing down for Kate soon as she graces the cover of GQ magazine this July. I hope Kate Upton graces right at my penis.

kate upton wet and wild

So we finally get a good glimpse of Kate Upton‘s hard nips thanks to a photoshoot for GQ magazine. A wet t-shirt is all we wanted need for now. Let the semen drip!

Kate Upton’s nice boobies

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

busty kate upton in bikini

Beach Bunny Swimwear is back with a new set of bikinis for the ladies to wear and Kate Upton is back to show them off. One thing that amazes me is that whenever Beach Bunny releases a new line of swimwears, kate Upton never fails to pull off a great aura of attraction. Kate Upton’s big tits are just so grab-worthy.

kate upton side boobs

I can just tell you that Kate Upton has really big 20 year old tits in them….tits that I am sure the rest of her body is going to catch up with….tits that are probably so spectacular as they may appear to be.

kate upton nipple slip

Check this shot…seems like Kate Upton begs to get fucked here. Oh look, she almost had a nip slip there. I’m not sure how many times I have Kate Upton bikini photos on this site, but in any case I think that they can not get enough. Knowing that she is one of the hottest piece of butt now I could post thousands and thousands of pictures of this chick and never get tired of them.

Candice Swanepoel sporting almost a cameltoe

Friday, June 1st, 2012

hot candace swanepoel in skimpy bikini photoshoot

We all know that the Victoria Secret’s line of fashion is all but a girl-thing…but hey,why do us guys love it? The answer is simple: the models are simply scorching HOT! And among their models we drool on is Candice Swanepoel,. Recently this slim-figured blonde bombshell had her bikini photoshoot somewhere in the Caribbean (don’t know where exactly but who cares? It’s the vagina that we’re after!) and luckily our secret paparazzi was there to capture alot of angles way beyond Candice’s knowing…including her,uhmmm…pussy wedgie(?)

Candice Swanepoel wet pussy

Our paparazzi sure does know how to blend well with the crowd and manifests camouflage…that’s why Candice Swanepoel doesn’t have a clue there’s freak out there taking pictures of her melons, cunt and booty. In this pic, poor little Candice was unaware her wet cunt becomes an instant center of attraction for our paparazzi’s camera. So while Candice plays around with her little gadget, our camera instantly draws off a nice focus on this blonde babe’s little wet pussy. Mmmm…don’t you just love to wipe that off with your tongue? Candice Swanepoel paparazzi pics sure does have alot to offer!

Candice Swanepoel dogstyle position

Mmmmm…look what we have here. For Candice, she’s just reaching out for a drink. But for us, yep…it looks like a dogstyle-ready position. I tell ya, all throughout this photoshoot, Candice Swanepoel’s vagina has been wet the entire time! I would love to show you some pics of Candice Swanepoel nipple slip…But hey,You can see more of Candice Swanepoel nip slip pics at Dirty Teen Celebrities

India Reynolds’ wonderful winter tits

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

India Reynolds

Winter looks to be finally giving over, but somebody’s nipples are perky enough for us to think we’re still in the middle of a blizzard! Meet India Reynolds, a British babe who’ll brave the tundra in her tits and stockings to give us all a good stiff cock to stroke when we’re all shut up in our cabins to pass the storms. The best thing you could do is invite her in for a hot mug of cocoa and a little hard breathing down this babe’s tits to loosen up her pokies and her wanting pussy. But to do that, you’ll need something to lube up your imaginations, and that’s what India Reynolds’ winter tit pics are all about!

India Reynolds

If you haven’t already spilled your load yet, let me guide you in this journey across an imagery of boobies and skin that is India Reynolds naked. This raven-haired slut from the British isles certainly has it going good in the breast department. Check out India’s full pair of mammaries and tell me that won’t keep your peen warm and dry while you motorboat this lovely chick’s chests. This festive photoshoot from India Reynolds gives us a nice sampling of her pussy lips, outlined in those red, naughty panties she wears tightly enough for to give anyone who’s a little lacking in imagination enough reason to know she’s a full on slut.

India Reynolds

Of course, I’ve blabbed too much already. I’ll shut up and lead you to the rest of India Reynolds’ tit and pussy pictures and leave you in peace. Now bundle up.

Naughty Ana Beatriz Barros for Christmas

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Ana Beatriz Barros

Leave it to all those model management representatives to find the prettiest face in a sea of people, bribe them with a huge wad of money then make them walk on the runway dressed as pornstars and tell them what they do is for the sake of art. Yeah right. Just look at these ass-baring pictures of Ana Beatriz Barros.

Ana Beatriz Barros

But who in their right state of mind gives a fuck about art when you are presented with a stripping naughty Brazilian model for Christmas? Santa may not give her any presents and the dwarfs may have torn her dress off but not to worry, there are still a million of us sleazebags who would take you in for shelter this season. In the condition that you let us sneak a peek in the shower when you take a bath, or even ask us to join, if possible. Although by the looks of it, you seem like the kind of chick who’d gladly just sex us all instead. And you don’t have to be scared when I try humping you on your back and pushing my dick through your tight ass, I won’t add any red marks on your buttcheeks, I promise.

Ana Beatriz Barros

I know how painful those might be, looking at these naked pictures of you. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that big wicked Santa. For the meantime, you can go ahead and continue your strip dancing for me and I’ll try not to cum early. I’ll try.

Candice Swanepoel ready for a role-play fuck

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Candice Swanepoel

Very few, if any, of the female populace are more than willing to don those crazy costumes when the bedroom lights are on. Thankfully for us, a certain Candice Swanepoel is part of that select few. And this South African model is evidently not hesitant wearing those skanky sailor, Victorian and Santa’s helper outfits.

Candice Swanepoel

Now don’t bother knowing how to say her name the right way, she’s not into formalities anyway, as suggested by the bitch face she puts on every time the camera clicks for these naughty costume-clad pictures of her. Let me tell you, after some really short roleplaying here and there, I’m gonna rip those clothes off her and pound my big hard cock in that teen tease. And I sure as hell won’t forget sucking those big titties hard, before slapping that stubborn ass.

Candice Swanepoel

So while I go say hi to Santa’s helper and tell her I’ve been really really good this year, so won’t she please lick my cock off? You horndogs can go ahead and indulge your fantasies in these raunchy teasing pictures of Candice Swanepoel.

Jenn Sterger’s tits in a short skirt

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Jenn Sterger

Well if you were this hot and so ready to get naked, Jenn Sterger shouldn’t be surprised pervs like Brett Favre tried to woo her with pictures of his dick. I would assume, based on her sexy nude pictures, that Jenn Sterger is the type of chick who always wears extra short skirts and always has her shirt unbuttoned just enough for a proper cleavage sighting and for her to pull out a condom in between her tits whenever the need arises. Basically, Jenn Sterger is a slut.

Jenn Sterger

A sexy slut who doesn’t know how to properly respond to receiving pictures of a guy’s cock. The proper response sequence should go like this. Rub cunt to pictures. Reply to sender with pictures of you rubbing said cunt. Phone sender for a hookup. Have said cunt get fucked by sender’s actual cock. Rinse and repeat. Oh, and the most important step: accidentally leak pictures of said cunt.

Jenn Sterger

But these nude titty pictures of Jenn Sterger should suffice for the time. Since Jenn’s being a cocktease and denying she didn’t rub one out to Brett’s crotch shots, we’ll have to wait for awhile before she outs herself as a true blue whore. And when that day comes, we’ll be waiting with our own cocks at the ready, right guys?