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Kate Upton wet photoshoot

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

kate upton wet boobs

Hot and busty model Kate Upton is in the latest issue of GQ magazine and she is wearing a totally wet t-shirt! Unless you’ve lived in constant winter throughout your life you know what happens when the ladies wear wet t-shirts right? They magically transform into see through and you can see their titties! And, when the juggs belong to a hot babe like Kate Upton,magical is definitely the right word.

kate upton big boobs

Kate Upton has become one of the most desired women on earth… all at the tender age of 20. Yes she’s only 20. And things don’t seem to appear to be slowing down for Kate soon as she graces the cover of GQ magazine this July. I hope Kate Upton graces right at my penis.

kate upton wet and wild

So we finally get a good glimpse of Kate Upton‘s hard nips thanks to a photoshoot for GQ magazine. A wet t-shirt is all we wanted need for now. Let the semen drip!

Kate Upton’s nice boobies

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

busty kate upton in bikini

Beach Bunny Swimwear is back with a new set of bikinis for the ladies to wear and Kate Upton is back to show them off. One thing that amazes me is that whenever Beach Bunny releases a new line of swimwears, kate Upton never fails to pull off a great aura of attraction. Kate Upton’s big tits are just so grab-worthy.

kate upton side boobs

I can just tell you that Kate Upton has really big 20 year old tits in them….tits that I am sure the rest of her body is going to catch up with….tits that are probably so spectacular as they may appear to be.

kate upton nipple slip

Check this shot…seems like Kate Upton begs to get fucked here. Oh look, she almost had a nip slip there. I’m not sure how many times I have Kate Upton bikini photos on this site, but in any case I think that they can not get enough. Knowing that she is one of the hottest piece of butt now I could post thousands and thousands of pictures of this chick and never get tired of them.

Jennifer Lawrence still boobsie while shopping

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

jennifer lawrence big boobs

The Hunger Games actress donned a floaty patterned skirt for her outing to Whole Foods in Los Angeles to stock up on food. A lettuce could be seen peeping out from the top of her bag as she left the store, before continuing her shopping trip at high-end homeware shop Williams-Sonoma. Why not just Jennifer Lawrence boobies pop out instead?

jennifer lawrence sexy and boobsie

Jennifer Lawrence is extremely sexual in every way possible and she knows it. That’s why she grabs every opportunity to flaunt her hot body. Maybe to get more attention? Well, as a young celebrity you need every attention you can get to stay in the limelight. Maybe to seduce more men I guess…I mean, who doesn’t even want those Jennifer Lawrence titties?

jennifer lawrence hot and boobsie

One piece of advice for Jennifer: enough with the teasing. if you’re that sexy and hot, why not flaunt some more? We promise we’ll be kind in imagining you in every hardcore position there is. Pretty please? Anyway, come on in and get more candid pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.

Candice Swanepoel sporting almost a cameltoe

Friday, June 1st, 2012

hot candace swanepoel in skimpy bikini photoshoot

We all know that the Victoria Secret’s line of fashion is all but a girl-thing…but hey,why do us guys love it? The answer is simple: the models are simply scorching HOT! And among their models we drool on is Candice Swanepoel,. Recently this slim-figured blonde bombshell had her bikini photoshoot somewhere in the Caribbean (don’t know where exactly but who cares? It’s the vagina that we’re after!) and luckily our secret paparazzi was there to capture alot of angles way beyond Candice’s knowing…including her,uhmmm…pussy wedgie(?)

Candice Swanepoel wet pussy

Our paparazzi sure does know how to blend well with the crowd and manifests camouflage…that’s why Candice Swanepoel doesn’t have a clue there’s freak out there taking pictures of her melons, cunt and booty. In this pic, poor little Candice was unaware her wet cunt becomes an instant center of attraction for our paparazzi’s camera. So while Candice plays around with her little gadget, our camera instantly draws off a nice focus on this blonde babe’s little wet pussy. Mmmm…don’t you just love to wipe that off with your tongue? Candice Swanepoel paparazzi pics sure does have alot to offer!

Candice Swanepoel dogstyle position

Mmmmm…look what we have here. For Candice, she’s just reaching out for a drink. But for us, yep…it looks like a dogstyle-ready position. I tell ya, all throughout this photoshoot, Candice Swanepoel’s vagina has been wet the entire time! I would love to show you some pics of Candice Swanepoel nipple slip…But hey,You can see more of Candice Swanepoel nip slip pics at Dirty Teen Celebrities